So much more than just a furniture

PlayWood is proud to present  an innovative Reconfigurable furniture systemthat uses connectors and boards to make desks, shelves and stools.
PlayWood Products are committed to inspire creativity.

How it works

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Focus on the design

Simply combine connectors and boards together. Stay focus on the design. You can test your project by making basic prototypes and saving time. You can improve the design of your furniture: add a piece or simply try out different configurations.

Made to Change

Whether you are moving to a new place or thinking your shelf might be better used as a coffee table, we have got you covered. Our furniture is easily reconfigurable to whatever suits your needs. Get creative.

Affordable cost

Choose the material you like, saving time and being flexible. You can reorganize your space if the needs change. PlayWood let you increase your furniture step by step, adding new pieces every time you want.


Minimize environmental impact and use 0km (0miles) materials. You can keep your waste very low by optimizing materials and you can recycle by using the connectors more times. At the end of the life of the product, wood components can be industrially composted and the connectors can simply be recycled.


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