HYPNOS - Bed - PlayWood

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Bed: 178 x 31,8 x 202 cm
Sheet thickness: 1,8 cm
License: Creative Commons – Attribution
Category: Home Furniture
Mastered in: Metric units



Free shipping over 2 packs of connectors
( from € 49.00 )
Spedizione gratuita oltre le 2 confezioni di connettori
( sopra € 49.00 )
Buy connectors to make this project Download free design files

Follow the instructions
and build your own furniture

Realizing your furniture becomes quick and easy thanks to PlayWood instructions. We suggest you how to create each single module and how to assemble them.

  • You will find indicated the amount of connectors needed
  • You will have the actual size of the furniture
  • You will discover few tips on how to optimize the material by saving money and making an eco-friendly choice

Inside the download package

The download package contains all the files essential to the realization of the project. You can easily choose among the most common formats:

  • .txt License
  • .pdf detail instructions
  • .obj 3D files
  • CAD cut layouts

Customize your furniture

Are you a creative person? Would you like to re-design your own furniture?

You have no limits. Customize the project with your favorite CAD or 3D program. You can easily combine the design with different kind of furnitures to create a three-dimensional space.

Share the cut layouts with your local Maker or supplier, to produce each single part with his CNC cutting machine and your furniture will be then ready to be assembled.

Choice of the material

PlayWood connectors are designed to let you personalize the furniture. You can choose among natural materials such as wood and its derivatives or synthetic materials like plexiglass and forex.  

Panels uniform thickness between 16 and 19 mm (0.63″∼ 0.75″) is mandatory.
Size range is suitable to most common panels and sheets available.

CNC cut

This design can only be realized with CNC machine; its use is common and it will be easy to find a Maker or local supplier able to provide this innovative service.

Once imported the file, your furniture will be quickly cut with great precision in panels.

By filling in your details and completing the order, we will provide the supplier nearest you to support you in the project realization.

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