PlayWood connectors: fast & creative assembly system.

Innovative assembly system

As a constructions toy, you can easily create your own furntiure. The connector lets you join any kind of panel of thickness between 16 and 19 mm. No need to drill, the fixing is done with a simple Allen key. A joint made of Nylon fibers reinforced plastic which works as a clamp: it lets you link panels of any kind of material to create the most variegated pieces of furniture, from bookcases to storages, from benches to tables, from easels to working desks. The connector perfectly adheres to the panels’ surface, no glue or adhesive needed, by giving you full freedom to create what you like. Thanks to its practical sliding on the panels’ edge, once it’s fixed in the right position, you will be able to build different solutions on the basis of your needs or tastes. PlayWood connectors make fast & creative assembly system with all wood panels

Innovativo sistema di assemblaggio

Puoi costruire i tuoi arredi con la stessa semplicità con cui assembleresti un gioco di costruzioni. Il connettore permette di fissare qualsiasi pannello tra i 16 e 19 mm di spessore, senza doverlo forare. Il fissaggio avviene tramite una semplice brugola. Un connettore (o giunto) in plastica rinforzata da fibre di Nylon che funziona come un morsetto: ti permette di unire pannelli di qualsiasi materiale per creare gli arredi più variegati, dalle scaffalature alle librerie, dalle panche ai tavoli o ancora dai cavalletti ai banchi da lavoro. Il connettore aderisce alla superficie delle tavole senza bisogno di aggiungere colle o adesivi, lasciando piena libertà nella creazione dei tuoi arredi. Grazie ad un pratico scorrimento sul bordo del pannello, una volta fissato nella posizione più corretta, potrai ottenere innumerevoli soluzioni in base ai tuoi gusti ed esigenze. Innovativo sistema di assemblaggio per ogni tipo di tavole di legno. Unisci e assembla i tuoi mobili.

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6 bundle Black Frieday
6 bundle Black Frieday

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    I found it on Instagram and loved the idea of being creative and free on building self designed furniture. Everything is arranged quickly. Perfect.


    Assembling with PlayWood connectors a piece of furniture I invented, it was one of the most satisfying things ever happened to me. The product is solid and well made.


    This is exactly what we were looking for. PlayWood allows this space to adapt to the events hosted and being always in line with the needs.


    Modular structures, easy to assemble, light to carry and cheap to build. We couldn't ask for more.


    We imagined a flat building and a practical bookshelf to be assembled, disassembled and then transported to find its temporary home in another building. PlayWood helped us to achieve our dream.


    Converting what you learn into a concrete action is the secret for success achievement. So timing is fundamental. PlayWood helps in this process, it allows the physical space to quickly change with you.


    PlayWood system was the perfect and successful solution: modular and customizable stands, easy to be transported and positioned, fast to assembly. We are gonna use it in the future for sure.


    I was working on a project for my little daughter. I found PlyWood and immediately started creating with it. Now, I think I have the best child room in town.

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