Our core principals

Global ideas in local backgrounds

Our business model is based on local production sustainability, real needs fulfillment and the possibility for each individual to see realized his own ideas. 

Out of schemes

A product created without following the most common mass production logics, able to offer new development opportunities, both at social and economic level.

Customizable products

Our projects are downloadable, ready to be modified and customized: we want that each person is able to contribute with his own creativity to realize a product based on his own needs. 

Design for a change

Each product should be recyclable, reusable and modifiable to adapt to new functions. Thanks to the development of innovative digital tools, it's now possible a delocalized and sustainable production. 

Design to share

A project needs to be documented to be shared: technical designs and assembly instructions are usable and available online.

Local production

We are out of the mass production schemes, to reduce the impact of raw materials and products transportation. Renewable and locally reachable resources, let us create furnitures of a minimum environmental impact.


PlayWood is not just a product, but a sharing platform. 
Thanks to digital manufacturing and Makers movement we have the chance to review how goods and services are realized and distributed at a global level. We believe that people should be able to shape their own space on the basis of what they do and how they do it. Without even realizing it, we feel and interiorise what the space tells us and this influences our way of working or living. Designing, producing and sharing, let us create networks both at a local and global level: together we can create better and more sustainable products. We want to provide new opportunities for a more sustainable social and economical development. 

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