House paperweight

House-shaped paperweight to display your photos in an original way, to keep your papers tidy or to use as placeholders.
Perfect for the desk, on the table or as a knick-knack, at home or at work, K-Lab's little houses are cute wooden card holders.

They are made from recycled wood in Semiliberi's carpentry workshop. The material used comes from donations and excess production that would otherwise go to waste.

Sold in packs of 6.

Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 3.2 cm.


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How this project came about

Playwood Adakto


K-LAB is a collective that develops design projects.
Graphic designers, architects and illustrators get involved and work together with the abilities of fragile people, recognising their value, channelling their resources in a productive way, giving dignity and due recognition to their talent.

K-Lab combines several workshops in a single production chain to create beautiful and useful products. Each workshop is designed to enhance the skills and differences of fragile people through creativity and beauty. 



Semiliberi is a project that was set up with the aim of building, through work, paths of social reintegration from prison.
A social innovation project that challenges the physical and mental walls that separate the prison from the city.
The Semiliberi carpentry workshop offers a work opportunity to people with medium-long sentences. The workshop, in collaboration with local companies, started with the activity of restoring tables and display material.

Playwood Adakto