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AC Noises - effects pedals for musical instruments

  • 27 June 2018
  • Conference Event

"I discovered PlayWood by scrolling my Instagram news feed and I was immediately intrigued" says Claudia Bellotti, co-founder of AC Noises, a company which produces amazing high quality effects pedals for musical instruments.


In PlayWood, we believe it’s essential to know the people to whom we daily provide innovative and practical solutions to set up their own space, trying to interpret and predict their most frequent needs. For this reason, we asked Claudia why she has chosen PlayWood: "To show our products, we wanted to create a different set-up from those usually offered by event organizers and we were looking for display facilities that we could feel more similar to our style, while respecting the budget. We immediately understood it was a product that could do for us, allowing us to simplify our work during moves and beyond. We are very happy".

The AC Noises duo, composed of Andrea and Claudia, sells all over the world and very often is travelling around Italy taking part to events such as the latest Guitar Show in Padua, meeting point for artists, experts or enthusiasts.
Andrea is a music composer and a sound designer with almost 10 years of experience. At AC noises, Andrea develops the circuits, chooses the best electronic parts on the market and assembles each pedal by hand. Claudia is a photographer and illustrator. At AC noises, she designs all the original illustrations printed on all the pedals and takes care about all the company's image. "On these occasions, we have been able to test the new structures with the PlayWood connectors and we were enthusiastic about it: our products go well with the new materials and the overall visual impact is totally different. We wanted to recreate a beautiful and comfortable environment every time and we believe/hope we have succeeded "says Claudia, during the interview.

Speaking of her experience as an entrepreneur, we wanted to learn more about her relationship with DIY and what she personally thought about it: "I recommended PlayWood to my friends, shared with them the result of a design that I had in mind and I could give life with simplicity thanks to your connectors. Although the catalog of PlayWood offers complete structures ready for use, I preferred to take a cue and personally take care of the design. I believe that beauty is also in testing and creating something from scratch to live the realization in first person step by step, also allowing the possibility of making mistakes, understanding and learning. For me, it was like playing and the satisfaction in seeing the final result was priceless ".