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Codemotion Tech Conference at BASE in Milano chooses PlayWood system

  • 26 December 2017
  • Conference Event

Today we are excited to share an example of successful collaboration.
Among the wide variety of uses, PlayWood has proven to be perfect in providing innovative set-up ideas.
Last November, PlayWood took part to a special event in a unique location: Codemotion Tech Conference at BASE.Milano – an industrial building of over 4.000 square meters, located in the heart of Tortona district, in Milan, known in the past as Ansaldo building, redeveloped in 2014 by a group formed by Arci Milano, Avanzi, esterni, H+, Make a Cube³.

Interesting technical conferences are periodically organized about: Cloud/BigData, Security, AI/MachineLearning, IOT, DevOps, Javascript, Languages, Design, Mobile, E-commerce, Front end, Game DEV and VR.

This ecosystem already counts impressive numbers, including 570,000 developers, 500 tech communities, 3500 speakers, 300 partners, in 7 different countries.
The latest edition took place on November 10th – 11th and registered over 2300 participants, 110 speakers, 80 technological communities.

All the 53 exhibitors have chosen PlayWood as a solution to set up their stand for the event.
Our system was the perfect and successful solution: modular and customizable stands, easy to be transported and positioned, fast to assembly.

PlayWood’s ease of construction and set-up have a fundamental importance for those who face continuous challenges in the organization of temporary spaces.
Codemotion chose several furniture elements of our OSB collection, ensuring themselves reliable and reusable structures for the future events.