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Experience Design: PlayWood lands in Sweden

  • 31 October 2018
  • Conference Event

LA+B is a Stockholm-based design and strategy consulting agency founded in 2006.
They develop and enhance a client's business objectives using effective communication, innovative product development, and cutting-edge design solutions.
Their diverse experience supports projects in experience design, package design, broadcast design, identities, motion graphics, design consulting and brand strategy. 

This versatile creative agency works with full concept development spanning over content, design, and branding. 
They discovered PlayWood through the web.
They decided to create an entire set up with PlayWood connectors for a corporate host party.

The event which took place last week is a successful example of the creative solutions that PlayWood is able to offer. 
Design professionals who found in PlayWood an innovative product to satisfy even the most demanding customers: “It worked super grate. The costumer was super happy. The idea was to create a snake table like the old phone game ”Snake”...”. 

Tables connected together, different heights and lengths. An entire set up realized through our connectors. The perfect mix of materials and style, modern and minimalist.


A great experience in the land of design. 
Thank you for the opportunity to our friends at LA+B