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HEROES meet PlayWood in Maratea: the most innovative and ambitious South of Italy

  • 26 November 2018
  • Conference Event

HEROES is the first Euro-Mediterranean Co-innovation Festival that involves the most inspired (and inspiring) modern heroes: CEOs of global enterprises, business angels, investors, intellectuals, researchers, policymakers and the most interesting startups of the Euro-Mediterranean basin.
It’s an unmissable event on innovation, companies, and future, in the last edition more than 200 guests took part in the meeting, speaking and performing on our sea view stages.

A dream born in the deep south of Italy: the story of a new South, innovative and ambitious.
For the third consecutive year took place Heroes to meet in Maratea: this edition was dedicated to  “Money&Value” topic, a clear provocation to brainstorm on money value and its meaning. 
Heroes means also consciousness: education is the key to innovate. 

That’s why Unibas University brought to Maratea 15 among teachers and researchers, who explained their own projects to make people reflect on the relationship between research and business. For the youngest, it has been dedicated the Hackathon Education 4.0, a co-design lab to develop the school of the future developed by Little Genius International School
Sometimes in smaller cities, we can experiment some of the most innovative educational projects. That’s why a class of a Maratea’ school has been chosen as the ideal microcosm to launch the education of digital talents.
Heroes has been possible also thanks to the set up developed by Calia Divani, Volumezero and PlayWood, which with its modular system let them create the whole lounge area at the event entrance. 

Solutions easy to transport and assemble, structures which have been prepared each time in a different location. Tables of various dimensions with customized graphics.
One of the event organizers - Anastasia M. - said: “PlayWood set up were amazing!”.

It has been exciting to provide the furniture for an event where innovation and technology link together for a common goal.
An international meeting, a party which opens Maratea’s doors to travelers, tales, and visions.