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Impact Hub – The place where the furniture changes along with your project

  • 30 January 2018
  • Coworking Office

In 2005 the first Impact Hub was founded in London.
A new global movement was born, an innovative network which counts 80 Hubs around the world by connecting people, ideas and cultures. In Reggio Emilia branch, we have discovered a place where entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals can improve their acknowledges, get inspired by the work of others, develop innovative ideas and strengthen relationships to identify new market opportunities.

It is so that the traditional office is replaced by a coworking concept, able to incorporate meeting rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and dynamic areas, with the aim to speed up the project and the company that benefits from it.
Coworking means collaboration and everything starts from a place where you want to work together.

A comfortable, spacious and functional space is essential for effective and productive teamwork.
Called to furnish the space that would have hosted the project, we have developed a system of customized furnitures: a team of people with different professions and skills was ready to work with us to create their own workspace.

A unique experience that immediately showed the importance of teamwork to achieve a common goal.
In just one day Impact Hub was available and ready to welcome the businesses of the tomorrow.
An innovative space which beyond offices for freelancers and startups, hosts conferences, debates, film screenings and cultural events.
PlayWood allows this space to adapt to the events hosted and being always in line with the needs.
In the Hub initiatives - with the most influent guests on the cultural and economic scene in Italy - come alive: people like us, moved by the desire to transform the modern society and make it better for the future.

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