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Peekaboo & PlayWood: the coworking space for entrepreneurs of tomorrow has born

  • 25 January 2018
  • Coworking Office

Realizing an innovative project it’s not easy and it has never been.
Innovative means to be against those rules and habits that too often make people distrustful.
One night, going home from work, I was wondering: why should people use our product (an object never seen before)? And, who are these people?
Once at home, I opened my computer and browse the web.
I found out that people attracted by innovative and “out of the ordinary” products are simply, people who see a great opportunity in every change.


Peekaboo Startup Community, idea by Federico Belli and Paolo Napolitano, offers the possibility to validate a project using the Lean Startup methodology, transforming an idea into a product (or service) ready for the market in only 10 weeks.

A team of professionals who combines technological, marketing, communication and business skills to support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, helping them to transform themselves, innovate and grow.
More than 400 interested took part in the project and more than 20 companies were born thanks to this acceleration program which has recently inaugurated the new headquarters Startup Studio in Via del Poggio Laurentino 66, in Rome.

Few time ago, we have already talked about how space affects our productivity and the importance of shaping the environment according to our needs – Read We Are The Space.
Peekaboo, thanks to the consulence of the architect Chiara Angelici, has chosen PlayWood to create the ideal space where to combine business, creativity and teamwork.

The ideal solution for setting up the new offices.
Our proposal proved to be successful: working stations provided of cable management, to guarantee a clean and ordered working surface, tables of various sizes and heights for a dynamic approach and modular furniture elements to make the environment stimulating and adaptable to the different needs.
In this context, the continuous change of people during the several acceleration cycles represents a constant challenge. Simplifying this process is therefore fundamental: light, changeable, customizable furnitures able to suit any kind of space, by offering functionality combined to aesthetics.

This is PlayWood.
Each working station has been designed to be compact and disassemblable, while ensuring perfect solidity: legs are equipped with special knobs to keep close your bag, the working stations can be split to satisfy individual or groups needs.

All this has contributed to customize the office of Peekaboo Startup Community, an ideal space where to work and being inspired.
“Converting what you learn into a concrete action is the secret to achieving success. So timing is fundamental. PlayWood helps in this process, because it allows the surrounding space to quickly change with you” says Claudio Rossi, chairman of Peekaboo.

Don’t wait, get inspired and join us by telling your own story with PlayWood!
We believe in change as a rule in our daily life.
The home furniture we relax on, the style of clothes we wear, the music we listen to, foods we eat. Run into new challenges, explore unknown places, meet different people in order to open your mind.
Every week, we’ll gather examples of people who showed not to be afraid of change.