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PlayWood at Cascina Cuccagna on the occasion of the exhibition "Design Collisions"

  • 19 April 2019
  • Expositions

From 05 to 19 April 2019 at the Cascina Cuccagna on the occasion of De Rerum Natura - Renaissance took place the exhibition "Design Collisions - The power of collective ideas", curated by Laura Traldi, journalist for the Republic and founder of designatlarge.it.

Design Collisions projects to mend the fractures that afflict man and nature but also social, economic and cultural ones, helping companies, governments and consumers to replace a linear economy with a circular one. An in-depth analysis of established practices because the value of a social project is its ability to function in the long term. The idea that design can become a tool to tackle the great contemporary problems together and in a shared perspective.

Without taking anything for granted, the exhibition aims to tell how design thinking can transform the world around us and above all how we can all contribute to it.

The chosen location Cascina Cuccagna: as part of the Milan Design Week 2019, the project by Cascina Cuccagna and Matteo Ragni Design Studio hosts a cultural in-depth space designed and developed by an independent curator.

Progetto Cuccagna recovers the precious and large spaces of the eighteenth-century urban farmhouse, which has so far fallen apart and abandoned, to make it a place of meeting and aggregation, an active laboratory of culture, a point of reference for the common search for social well-being and quality of life. An exemplary company supported and financed by those who care about the future of the city.

Many companies have chosen to join the project promoted and designed by Laura Traldi, sharing the values of "Design Collisions - The power of collective ideas": Coop Lombardia and Kaldewey as cultural partners, Essent'ial, Fantoni Spa and PlayWood as technical partners.

We have created the setting with care and attention to details: PlayWood modular furniture has been able to enhance at best the exhibition.                                                     A minimal and modern design but in perfect harmony with a historic location and an innovative project with a great cultural impact. Versatility and creativity, once again representing PlayWood, the best example of quality Made in Italy.