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PlayWood gains Lambrate Design District

  • 26 May 2018
  • Expositions

The Lambrate Design District, already accomplished location within the Milan Design Week and synonymous of innovation and quality, this year proved itself as point of reference for design lovers around the world.
Described as the “new Italian Brooklyn”, Lambrate isolate us from urban chaos and brings us in a neighborhood which smells of ideas and innovation. Milan Design Week 2018, which took place from April the 17th to 22nd, has showed many events in this area, within via Massimiano, via Ventura and via Conte Rosso.

Countless the exhibitions: Simone Micheli, Regeneration Hotel, WEating, Osteria Milano, FuoriSalmone, Studio CR34, La scuola Mohole, The precious apartment in Puntaldìa, Shared House Lambrate, Art&Bike at Spazio Industriale, Spazio Lambrate, REDROOM, D&R - Design & Retail and The Wunderkammer of Michele Vitaloni.

It’s the third consecutive year which PlayWood takes part to Fuorisalone in Milan, but during this 2018 edition we have been there not only among the Designers promoting innovative projects, but as well as part and parcel of Lambrate Design District.

By recently becoming partners of Promote Design and Design Circus, we have created nearly the entirety of expositive structures for the exhibitors coming from over 30 different countries around the world. Inside two main locations Din – Design and Spazio Donno we have been able to catch the attention of design lovers and professionals of the segment.

Setting up 2.700 sqm with more than 200 different expositive positions it might seem a colossal challenge, but thanks to PlayWood it has been achievable in just few days. 
120.000 visitors have walked through the stands of over 450 exhibitors in Lambrate Design District and many of them came visiting us to directly understand the infinite possibilities of our assembly system.
We have observed interest and attention from private citizens as well as from Companies: modular structures, easy to assemble, light to carry and cheap to build. These are the key points of the project: the structures used during the exposition let the Designers shaping the space without renouncing to the product needs of esteem.

Reconfigurable structures which, at any moment, let them reducing, increasing or modifying the exhibition area, by giving an intrinsic dynamism to the exhibition itself.

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