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The blog “Galline Volanti” meets PlayWood

  • 6 April 2018
  • Expositions

Galline Volanti is a blog dedicated to books for children and teenagers raised from the strong passion for books of Ada Francesconi and Silvia Sai.
It all started by taking books and readings in public parks in urban housing areas and, thanks to the success of the initiative, they decided to go further.

Ada and Silvia dedicated themselves to another special project, realizable thanks to the welfare public announcement of Reggio Emilia Municipality: a travelling exhibit of children's books.
«We make sure that children stumble on the stairs, that they slam the doors against it, that their glances are pushed to see the books in the most familiar places to them. We ensure as well that even mothers, fathers, grandparents, neighbors, everyone see, read and take home those same books for a while». This was their purpose.

That’s how it is. Entrances, landings and stairs of different buildings will host a temporary travelling exhibit of illustrated books. «We imagined an apartment building and a practical bookshelf which can contain the books, be assembled, disassembled and then transported to find a temporary home in another building» - they explain.  
Among this desperate search for the most suitable bookshelf for the project they bumped into PlayWood.
Enthusiastic about the initiative, we immediately accepted the challenge and created that bookcase able to satisfy at best Ada and Silvia’s expectations.

Books and volumes will be placed on our bookshelf: among entrances, landings and stairs, those books will be read, browsed and brought home, to be then put back once the reading is ended. These are buildings of public housing, located in different neighborhoods of the city.

«We wanted to find those children and teenagers whose access to the various activities of reading promotion is limited, for several reasons, not least the language barrier. And with them, through books, maybe even reach families and adults». The project has been realized thanks to the collaboration of Reggio Emilia Municipality, the Social Services, Acer, the PerDiQua and Filef association, the San Pellegrino/Gerra Library: for a long time they work to propose several after-school activities, playrooms and Italian language teaching.

A great example of how a PlayWood design furniture can easily adapt to different environments and, we are even more proud to support a project of high social impact.

Thank you Ada and Silvia for the great opportunity.