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Trade fair stands: the modular stand that you assemble and dismantle in 5 minutes

  • 16 October 2020
  • Expositions

Trade shows participation, represents one of the ways in which a company can attract and involve new customers. A successful exhibition stand should make visitors curious, by enhancing products and making the brand known. The stand is therefore an important marketing tool, useful to stand out and be recognized: make sure you design it in detail!

PlayWood has worked several times in this field, providing the right set-up materials for the creation of functional stands, able to improve the experience of both actors involved: the visitor and the exhibiting company. The aim of PlayWood is to offer attractive design solutions, easy to assemble, and transport.

In this way, you can have a quick and effective solution, perfect to involve and gain new customers wherever your event takes place. A successful example was the collaboration between PlayWood and Falmach, a Company that develops innovative products in accordance with the Italian footwear tradition.


Falmach needed a solution that would allow them to create a functional, attractive stand, in line with the message to be conveyed. Falmach aimed to have a customizable exhibition space that would stand out and bring visitors to stop and ask for more information about the products displayed.

The result? A self-designed stand that took advantage of the infinite possibilities that PlayWood connector offers: customization and no logistical set-up related difficulties.

- Watch the stand creation video here!

The stand was a great success: a professional and engaging environment, easily assembled and disassembled, ready to be reused on several occasions thanks to the features that distinguish PlayWood products.

A stand designed with deep care and attention to detail conveys a positive image of the brand and this will allow you to make your visitors' experience unique!

Useful information:
- more than 200 connectors have been used;
- the stand was made with 16mm MDF brushes partly painted and partly covered with banners;
- the overall size of the stand was 4x4x3 meters.

Hoping to have inspired you...enjoy your stand set-up for the next event!