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Custom Projects

Select the furniture you need. We will use your choice to develop a customized quotation.

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Select the furniture to set up your space, one of our designers will contact you to illustrate the possibilities of customization.

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A custom solution for your need will be studied, the project will be developed with your personalisation you have chosen.

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We optimize the production of the whole order, to apply you a discount on the entire job and we will reply with a quote.

PlayWood Cube
PlayWood Rectangle
PlayWood Bed Platform
Bed Platform
PlayWood Montessori Bed Platform
Montessori Bed Platform
PlayWood Bench
PlayWood Coffè table
Coffè table
PlayWood Booth Counter
Booth Counter
PlayWood Shelf / Divider
Shelf / Divider
PlayWood Desk
PlayWood Vase cover
Vase cover
PlayWood Shop Display
Shop Display
PlayWood Exhibition Plinth
Exhibition Plinth
PlayWood Store Display
Store Display
PlayWood Sideboard with compartments
Sideboard with compartments
PlayWood Diamond Rack
Diamond Rack
PlayWood Flowerpot
PlayWood Horizontal Shelf
Horizontal Shelf
PlayWood 2 Shelf Shelving
2 Shelf Shelving
PlayWood 3 Shelf Shelving
3 Shelf Shelving
PlayWood Storage Shelves
Storage Shelves
PlayWood Meeting Table
Meeting Table
PlayWood Workshop Table
Workshop Table
PlayWood Workshop Table’s Bench
Workshop Table’s Bench
PlayWood Wall Fixing cube
Wall Fixing cube
PlayWood Wall Fixing rectangle
Wall Fixing rectangle

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