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Diversity makes everyone unique: hence the new line of accessories

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Here is the new line of accessories, unique and handmade in Italy to enhance the creativity of fragile people

At PlayWood, we have always valued time. Thinking, designing and creating are processes that take time, and every product must be born with passion. Before bringing a product to market, we take care of the choice of materials, which must be sustainable for the environment, and of production technologies so that the impact of production is sustainable. We have made naturalness and diversity our values because every natural material has differences and sometimes imperfections that only increase its value and uniqueness.

We fully share these principles of valuing time, diversity and passion with K-Lab and, indeed, the partnership we are announcing today goes much further.

Here is the new line of accessories, unique and handmade in Italy to enhance the creativity of fragile people

K-Lab, stories of encounters

The K-Lab project

K-lab is an Italian collective that provides a meeting point between design and the world of fragility. Graphic designers, architects, illustrators, designers, set designers and entrepreneurs get involved and work together with the abilities of fragile people, recognizing their value, conveying their resources in a productive way, giving dignity and due recognition to their talent. Each object created is unique and the result of a shared history and journey.

The first time we entered the K-Lab workshops we were immediately overwhelmed by the passion and joy of this project. From the very first moment, when our attention was captured by a print that said "LA BELLEZZA SONO IO DA PICOLO", which means: beauty is me as a child, but with a grammatical error. We were taken in by this purity.

The collaboration aims to make PlayWood's offer more complete thanks to the accessories and to give more visibility to K-Lab's fantastic project.

The result?

The new, funky range of accessories to enhance PlayWood furniture. These accessories are perfect to make your home atmosphere more colorful and warmth with a touch of beauty. Each one is different and unique, just like the rest of us. What better than a dinosaur-shaped 'Dino' puppet, a 'house' or 'whale' shape cushion, or the beautiful phrases written by the K-Lab team on notebooks, prints and water bottles to give a sense of happiness and sharing?


K-Lab, stories of encounters

Valuing fragility

The products born from this partnership are not only responsibly made with materials from which come from circular economy processes, but are also the result of unique creative work that we believe is truly special. The creation of an object allows fragility and differences to be valued through the development of work and business that arises from their intelligence and abilities.

An Ethical Soul for Enterprise

This project gives the economy and business an ethical soul.

The project and the accessories we are proposing in this collection seek meaning in doing, producing and buying, in the knowledge that every euro of revenue serves to generate infrastructure for the most fragile people, to generate opportunities for redemption, beauty and inclusion.

We believe that it is possible to do business in a sustainable way, to do it fully, without losing competitiveness on the market, trying to work with companies, associations and cooperatives committed to solidarity throughout the production process.

We also believe that it is possible to change the approach to fragility and the use of resources within the processes of designing, building, producing and selling goods and services.

The laboratories involved in the K-lab project:


It is a creative workshop specialized in graphics and illustration, designed for adults with disabilities who cannot be permanently or temporarily employed in standard working environments..

Here, creativity is favoured by promoting awareness, self-respect and respect for the materials used



It stems from the desire to promote the culture of the uniqueness of the person and of difference as a resource, to give voice and recognition to the rich and profound thoughts of those who until now were forced into silence because they did not possess verbal language due to a disability.

Phrases and texts, written by silent children, affected by autism and disabilities through the technique of Facilitated Communication.


It is a tailoring workshop where courageous women from a difficult past make textile accessories with the help of seamstresses, educators, pattern makers and fashion designers.

The products are made from "valuable stocks" and leftover fabrics.
Each product made by the workshop is unique and accompanied by a story of redemption, beauty and dignity.



The lettering is the result of the work of Nessuno Escluso, an experimental project that welcomes adults with disabilities and accompanies them in projects of autonomy and social inclusion.

It builds opportunities for inclusion starting from those who experience exclusion in order to overcome it, letting themselves be guided by creativity through photography, self-discovery, beauty and manual work.


A collaboration with the prison administration to build social reintegration paths out of prison through work.
A social innovation project that challenges the physical and mental walls that separate the prison from the city.

Semiliberi offers a work opportunity to people with medium-long sentences. The workshop, in collaboration with local Companies, started as a restoring activity of tables and display materials.







The aim of the workshops is not to allow their minds to be debased into low-profile practical activities, but to offer work and business through their intelligence and skills.

Diversity makes everyone unique: hence the new line of accessories


Discover the new line of accessories hand-made in Italy to enhance the creativity of fragile people. Designed to be complementary to out furniture collection, they are great for colouring the atmosphere of your home with unique and beautiful objects. The production chain organised by K-Lab allows the creation of these products that deserve to compete on the market, because fragility can create beauty. From the perfect cushions for your child's bedroom to home accessories, all made through circular economy processes and fine production excesses.

Colour the atmosphere at home with the new line of accessories!