Home designing: designing home like a Pro with PlayWood

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Home designing is easy with PlayWood: discover the best way to design your own house in a beautiful and functional way, like an interior designer

Interior design is usually not easy, but with Playwood you don't need a house planner or an interior designer: you can be the professional thanks to the PlayWood matching products! 

This is the case of Vincenzo. Vincenzo lives in Rotterdam where he works in the naval sector, dealing with naval equipment such as radars, autopilots, rudders and compasses. He loves Italy, but the job market in the naval sector didn't allow him to grow professionally, so he decided to move to the city that offers the best opportunities in this field. He recently bought a new house in Rotterdam and, while looking for new home design solutions, he found the Karya desk. Vincenzo was impressed by the elegant and minimalist character of the Karya desk. He finds the Made in Italy quality to be unique: he lives in Rotterdam but has Italy in his heart. He decided to complete his desk station with the Nordic Style chair that matches the desk. Satisfied with these products, he decided to combine them with another of PlayWood's new home designing products: the Adakto modular system. Vincenzo decided to place it next to the matching desk. He would like to complete his new home with other matching Playwood interior design products, such as another Adakto modular system and the Karya bookcase.


Home designing is easy with PlayWood: discover the best way to design your own house in a beautiful and functional way, like an interior designer

Home design solutions by Vincenzo

Hi Vincenzo, how did you discover PlayWood's interior design ideas?

I noticed Playwood on Facebook because I was attracted by the advertisement for the Karya desk, which presented the product in a very nice way; I was struck by the minimal and elegant character of this desk. I have been living in Rotterdam for about three years and have recently bought my own house here, so I was looking for home designing. I chose the Karya desk with the matching Scandinavian style chair. Then, satisfied with the PlayWood interior design, I bought the Adakto modular system in oak to place next to the matching desk. I needed a practical piece of furniture to store my computer and stationery items. In the near future I would also like to buy your 190 cm bookcase and another Adakto system.


What impressed you about PlayWood house designs?

I was initially impressed by the Karya desk for several reasons. First of all I love real wood products, I am passionate about them and I found the use of birch plywood very interesting, it makes the object even cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. Also, although I live in Rotterdam, I am very attached to Italy, so one feature I particularly appreciated is the Made in Italy character of the product, it is really good quality. That's why I also appreciate the other Playwood products. With the matching products you can find interiors designed by experts.

What about the Adakto modular system?

I think it is brilliant for interior designing solutions that are functional at the same time! I was impressed by the door that slides without the use of metal tracks or internal wheels, as well as the screws that are not visible. I placed a rectangular module on the floor, above it I placed the two square modules spaced by a space of about 30 cm, at the top I placed the other rectangular module creating a rhombus-shaped composition. I am happy to be able to rethink and recompose it or move it since, as I said, I have not yet completed the furniture. I think the product still has good room for improvement. Very soon I would like to buy another Adakto modular system to furnish the living room.

With the matching products you can find interiors designed by experts

Home design solutions by Vincenzo

Has the Playwood home designing fulfilled your expectations?

I like the furniture and it has lived up to my expectations. In fact, I have gone ahead and placed further orders and would like to continue with more PlayWood interior furniture for my new home. I have also used the desk for smart working, but above all I simply love it as furniture. I've placed the Adakto cabinet next to the desk in an original way, but it's only a temporary arrangement; I'm very happy to be able to move this modular furniture around as I add new furniture.

Are you used to buying interior furniture online?

Not really, I buy small products online from time to time, but I have never made major purchases like furniture. However, your products particularly impressed me, so I decided to place the order. Moreover, I wanted to buy and support a young and courageous company like PlayWood.


How was it to assemble the product?

Assembly was very simple and intuitive. I am very used to manual work, both because of my job and because of my passion for DIY with wooden products. I didn't need to use the assembly instructions. I find the idea of the connectors really interesting and practical for assembly; I also bought some Playwood panels with the wall connectors to create shelves. The connectors allow you to assemble custom interior designs that really make you feel part of your home.

Do you have any interesting anecdotes about the product?

Yes, I am answering this interview sitting in your chair and from your desk! There are a few details that came up that made my experience with PlayWood even more enjoyable. First of all, the packaging: when the product arrived, it immediately made a very good impression on me; the packaging was well thought out in terms of image and functionality. Secondly, I was very pleased with the customer care service, I found it helpful and attentive to the customer. Finally, I would like to point out that the slots in the desk for organising cables are really useful, they make the product even more complete and functional. I love PlayWood home designing.

when the product arrived, it immediately made a very good impression on me

Home designing: designing home like a Pro with PlayWood

Interior design: PlayWood matching products

PlayWood home designing allows you to furnish your home like a Pro thanks to matching products and interiors designed by experts. The Karya line, which includes the desk and the bookcase, as well as the matching accessories such as the monitor stand, the laptop stand and the Nordic style chairs, composes a complete and matching interior design for your home. This line is perfect for composing your own elegant, matching and also functional workstation, suitable for smart working at home or in your office. In addition, these PlayWood interior design solutions are combined with the Adakto line, a functional and original modular system that is great for both home and office. PlayWood products are designed to compose a complete furnishing system that is both beautiful and functional for the office and for the home, suitable for any need, with high quality products that are attentive to the needs of those who live in them every day.



It only remains for us to thank the kind Vincenzo and wish him the best for the future in Rotterdam!