We change the way people buy, consume, keep and enjoy furniture.

Our Principles

We apply our design principles in a practical way.
A sustainable and modern approach that has allowed us to distribute our furniture in over 30 countries around the world. We are committed to respecting every day those values that have made our Company recognizable around the world.

Make Things Simpler




Made to last

1. Make Things Simpler

Making sustainable furniture starts with a focus on simplicity: a design that aims to eliminate everything superfluous. We strive to create furniture that is simple yet beautiful, functional yet durable, easy to assemble yet reusable move after move.

Simplicity is the cornerstone of our design philosophy. A virtuous circle along the entire product value chain: from manufacturing to logistics, to use to end of life.

2. Versatility

Our needs can change, our furniture should be able to do the same. The PlayWood® connector system makes every piece of furniture modular and transformable: this allows you to adapt your space to the needs of a specific moment without replacing the entire piece of furniture. Transformation is a big plus. Being able to reuse your product to meet a new need saves time and resources. Managing the end of a product’s life cycle is too often overlooked during the initial design phase. Each of our products is made with disassembly, repairability and recyclability in mind. Being able to separate the components or materials of an item (for example, wood from metal) plays a key role in facilitating its recycling.

3. Optimization

Every PlayWood product must be highly functional: all our components must be useful and interchangeable. All our materials must be durable and sustainable. This principle also applies to our logistics processes. Each product can be shipped flat-pack so as to have the least possible environmental impact during storage and shippings.

4. Selection

Material selection is an essential step in our mission.
Choosing the right materials allows us to limit the environmental impact of our business by ensuring the longevity and recyclability of our products. We use materials that are very robust and easy to recycle. The wood comes from sustainably managed European forests with PEFC or FSC labels. Our packaging is made of at least 80% recycled paper. Every day we think on how to develop and increase the use of up-cycled or recycled

5. Made to last

Making sustainable furniture should equate to building sturdy furniture that will last for decades. Making sustainable furniture means building furniture that will remain functional and timeless, year after year, without ending up in landfills. The quality of our materials and the care we take in developing our designs ensure that our products are especially durable. In addition to our commitment, every PlayWood product goes through meticulous test phases to ensure its longevity.