PlayWood Card

Do you want to make someone happy with a gift? Are you the owner of a business and want to take advantage of the fringe benefits for your employees?  The PlayWood Card is the perfect gift to give your loved ones something special for their home. What better gift than a beautiful and functional product that is useful in everyday life. Sent digitally to your inbox, you can forward it - or print it out and put it in a card to create the perfect surprise!


Playwood Adakto Playwod Adakto


Choose the size of PlayWood Card you would like to give to your loved ones or employees. This will allow them to use it on our website and purchase high quality products for their home or office! Give them the opportunity to buy a workstation, an accessory, a children's product to make their home unique. The PlayWood Card is the perfect gift!


Use the PlayWood Card as a welfare system for your employees and allow them to build their own smart working station. Make your employees happy and allow them to work in a harmonious and functional place from home! The health and concentration of your employees, even when working from home, is extremely important for your company's business: don't underestimate this factor! 

Playwood Adakto Playwood Adakto
Playwood Adakto


Buy the PlayWood Card with the amount you want, and you will immediately receive a virtual gift card at your e-mail address. 
The card, which you can use or give as a gift to someone else, allows you to deduct the PlayWood Card amount from your shopping cart. The PlayWood Card is valid for 6 months and can be used until it expires, unless the credit runs out before that date. Once the PlayWood Card has expired, it cannot be used and there is no refund of the remaining credit, not even by transferring it to a new PlayWood Card.
The card can only be used for purchases on the website, and can be used several times until the credit is exhausted or expired. If the remaining credit on the PlayWood Card is not sufficient to cover the amount of the purchase, it can be topped up using other accepted forms of payment.
The PlayWood Card cannot be refunded.
The PlayWood Card can be used several times, but it is not possible to use more than one card at the same time and cannot be combined.