Display Unit 04

Display Unit 04 is the perfect wood display stand for events and for your exhibition stand design or other occasions where contact with the public is necessary. Designed to allow you to display your logo or communicate with your audience in your tradeshow booth display for the best brand experience. Equipped with 4 compartments, light to move, practical and functional; perfect for presenting your services or products to the public or even as a cash desk.

All PlayWood furniture is reusable and the printed graphics are interchangeable to allow the company to change them for different events. To save the company time and costs, all furniture components are separately replaceable and each structure is repairable.

Below is the template for making your own personalised display; download it, personalise it and send it to us for printing!

Available materials:


In stock, delivery Time 1 week

Overall dimensions:
80 x 35 x 80 cm

Internal shelf dimensions:
W 35 x D 25 x H 37 cm

Internal divider's material:
Reinforced corrugated cardboard, 100% recyclable

Load capacity:
Structure 150 kg, cardboard shelf 25 kg

Custom panels' material:
Foamed PVC, 3 mm thickness


All our furniture is available in different finishes and can be customised with logos and graphics provided by the customer. Thanks to our design system, customising trade fair stands is easier than ever.

Download the template here, customise it with your logo or graphics and follow the instructions you receive in the email to upload the file in the space provided. We will print it and you will receive the product already customised for you!

Template & instructions
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Customisable ready to assemble furniture for trade fairs, conference and popup shops.

PlayWood exhibit line offers a completely unique way of marketing your brand, with ecological and environmentally friendly furniture. Our modular display furniture, can be adapted in a variety of ways to maximise your appeal at an exhibition conference and fair.  Discover the advantage of PlayWood furniture and transform your retail space; Pop-ups, department stores, shopping centres, fashion weeks, showrooms, galleries, conference, trade fairs and events.

PlayWood provides its customers a wide range of furniture to customise their stand and make it comfortable.  Our furniture for Exhibition stands are modular and eco sustainable. Each PlayWood Exhibit is reusable and the printed graphics are interchangeable, allowing the company to change its layout for different Tradeshow.


The attraction of a modular exhibition stand is easy to understand; it can be assembled or dismantled at the trade fair.  This saves a considerable amount of time for the exhibitor and provides a stress-free experience prior to the start of the trade fair. There are many benefits.

Reduce assembly time and costs of transport our furniture and at the same time the environmental impact. All furniture components come from sustainable and recyclable materials and are separately replaceable and each structure is repairable.

Easy to set Up and transport. Thanks to the PlayWood connectors assembly system, all our display structures can be transported flat pack and stored in their own packaging to take up minimal space. Assembly of the furniture requires no technical skills or tools.

Playwood Adakto
Playwood Adakto


Thanks to PlayWood connectors assembly system, all our display structures can be trasported flat pack and stored in their own packaging to take up minimal space. Assembling the furniture takes only a few minutes, without technical skills or tools.



We create our furniture with an innovative approach, thinking that it can be transformed over time to suit your needs. The PlayWood Exhibit  modules can be used to create pop up market stalls,Promo stand, booth display to suite any layout from small booth design to big conference we have the furniture solution that suite your needs.

PlayWood Exhibit is entirely modular. Each element can be combined with others from the same collection and expanded to create a larger, more capacious piece of furniture.

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Display Unit 04
Display Unit 04
Display Unit 04
Display Unit 04
Display Unit 04