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Reconfigurable Kit R2 with cardboard dividers

Kit of panels and connectors for assembling a piece of furniture in four different configurations. Allen key and assembly instructions included.

  • N° 8 Brackets 90° + N° 4 Brackets T-shape
  • N° 4 Panels 35x35 cm + N° 4 Panels 35x73,5 cm
  • N° 1 Allen key
  • Assembly instructions
  • N° 2 Cardboard dividers
Available materials:


Rectangular module dimensions:
W 80 x D 35 x H 42 cm

Internal shelf dimensions:
W 75 x D 35 x H 37 cm

Internal divider's material:
Reinforced corrugated cardboard, 100% recyclable

Load capacity:
Structure 150 kg, cardboard shelf 25 kg

Panels' material:
Multilayered birch / Laminated / OSB-3

Scratch-resistant, semi-transparent varnish, the wood grain remains visible / Laminated in solid color

A circular economy project to give you a super versatile furniture system

Rewood Sustainable


The panels that make up this furniture system come from large sheets that the automotive industry considers second-rate. Once analysed, they can be cut into smaller, first choice panels, recovering 80-90% of material that would otherwise be wasted.

Rewood Versatile


The Furniture Kit is designed to give our customers a high degree of versatility that encourages creativity. The panel structures, thanks to PlayWood connectors, can be easily modified and reconfigured over time. Their minimalist aesthetics make them suitable for any environment.

Rewood Durable


Each of our furniture pieces is designed and manufactured to be a viable alternative to conventional furniture. The use of birch plywood and reinforced cardboard ensures optimum strength. In addition, if a component is damaged, it can be easily replaced without having to give up the whole piece of furniture.


Use it as a storage shelves, compose it with other modules to create shelves and modular furniture. Assembled with PlayWood hi-tech plastic brackets, stainless steel screws and top quality wood. Made in Italy.

The structure - solid and resistant - lets you create different compositions and to organize your space in a functional and easy way.

Thanks to PlayWood kits, your bedroom, living room or garden will be organized and furnished in a stylish way.

All PlayWood Kit Furnitures are compatible with the PlayWood Organizer collection and cardboard accessories.

Playwood Adakto Playwood Adakto
Playwood Adakto


PlayWood Kit Furniture consists of a sturdy wooden frame assembled with PlayWood connectors and dividing shelves made of high-quality cardboard. Each modular furniture unit can be assembled in a few minutes by following the simple instructions. Creating modular furniture is easier than ever!

Usually, assembling sectional furniture is not easy; often the large size makes transport and assembly complex, which must be done with appropriate tools, by expert hands.

All PlayWood Kit Furniture, on the other hand, can be assembled in just a few minutes:

  • Follow the folds to make the interior dividers from high-quality 100% recyclable cardboard;
  • Assemble the wooden frame with the PlayWood connectors using a simple Allen key;
  • Fit the shelves and close the structure. Done!


PlayWood ships the Kit Furniture in specially designed boxes. Flat, sturdy packages ease transport and minimise wastes.

The boxes can be reused. Each time you move, the furniture can be dismantled and transported in its box, adequately protected.

Playwood Adakto
Playwod Adakto


We use cardboard of the highest quality. We have developed a folding system that gives the structure great strength. Each shelf is made of three layers of reinforced corrugated cardboard that can support a load of up to 25 kg. Amazing, isn't it?

Once the shelf is folded, the wave structure of the cardboard is completely hidden, providing a smooth surface that is easy to dust.

Each shelf can be customised by adding a door. Customise your furniture by alternating doors and open spaces. Change the composition whenever you want.

We provide cross partitions that allow you to transform your modular furniture into an elegant wine cellar.

Configure your own shelf

Our shelving system allows you to combine several elements and accessories to design your furniture as you like it best.