PlayWood system 6 Packs Bundle - 150°

6 Packs Bundle - 150°

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This bundle consists of 6 packs of 150° connectors, for a total of 24 connectors. Thought for great projects, by saving money.

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6 packs of 150° connectors.

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PlayWood examples of use
PlayWood examples of use
PlayWood examples of use

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Examples of use

Discover how to use 150° connectors!
Developed to build exagonal structures, due to the specific shape, the structure shifts the burden in an optimal way, becoming extremely solid once fixed.

PlayWood examples of use

150° Connectors

Use 150° connectors to create a wide angle and close the hexagons to create honeycomb structures.
Each connector includes a stainless steel screw which allows it to be used with panels of uniform thickness between 16 and 19 mm (0.63″ ∼ 0.75″). Size range compliant with most common panels available on the market. 

105° & 150° Connectors combinations

The 105° and 150° connectors can be used together to form hexagonal structures.
It's possible to obtain a complex alveolar structure, whose load capacity depends on the number of connectors used. In this specific geometry, each hexagonal module is made with 4×150° connectors and 8×105° connectors.

PlayWood examples of use

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