Modular triple shelf

GIF - Modular triple shelf

Are you always struggling for organizing your spaces in the best way possible?
Thanks to PlayWood assembly system you can get inspired by our projects and build this modular triple shelf.

We have been using panels of fir tree, but any other material or type of wood is suitable for the project realization.
In the many DIY stores you can find all the necessary materials to build the structure.

PlayWood Projects Modular triple shelf

An important warning: by using PlayWood connectors be sure that the boards' thickness is between 16 and 19 mm.

To realize the project we suggest:

4 boards 60x40 cm
6 boards 40x30 cm
24 connectors 90°
1 Allen Key #5
It's easy to make this project, start designing yours!

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PlayWood Projects Modular triple shelf - Step 1

Start the project by assembling a rectangle used for the basement of the shelf and then link the first structure with other two rectangular blocks.

In few minutes you will have a three-level-shelf, without nailing or drilling any material!

Save time and energy: easy, peasy, shelfy squeezy!

And last but not least, the best quality of PlayWood connectors is that you can choose in any moment to re-project your piece of furniture and re-shape it: vertical, horizontal, something different by using only the materials already bought.

PlayWood Projects Modular triple shelf Gif