Wooden planter box

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Are you already thinking about your summer garden? Here an easy and quick project to realize. Thanks to these wooden boards and angular connectors, smarten the backyard has never been so easy!

For the construction, we would recommend wooden boards of thickness between 16 and 19 mm made of OSB.
You can easily find these panels in any DIY chain.

PlayWood Projects Wooden planter box

In order to create this DIY project, we chose:

4 boards 40x30 cm
3 boards 80x30 cm
2 boards 80x40 cm
2 boards 60x30 cm
26 connectors 90°
1 Allen Key
It's easy to make this project, start designing yours!

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PlayWood Projects Wooden planter box - Step 1

Here at PlayWood, we are all excited for the incoming spring time and cannot wait any longer to suggest new solutions for your backyards!

In the next lines we are going to describe how to build this super useful planter box, by only using common wooden boards and our angle connectors!

Thanks to PlayWood connectors, you can easily create rectangular shapes and link them one another, by using only connectors 90°.

Once created the planter box, link the first furniture with other wooden boards.

Now that the planter box is done, add more panels, in order to create a bench, where to relax and enjoy the spring breeze.

By adding more and more panels, you can create a sort of peninsula, where to store garden tools and other stuff.

This structure can be assembled in about 10 minutes; moreover, thanks to this system you can use recycled materials and re-assemble them any time you need.

All PlayWood projects are studied to be easily stored once you don’t need them anymore: for instance, this furniture can be quickly dissambled and folded during fall/winter and be re-assembled in spring/summer!

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