Cardbord divider

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Overhall dimensions
76x37x27 cm

Internal shelf dimensions
W 35 x D 25 x H 37 cm

Reinforced corrugated cardboard 100% recyclable

Cardboard shelf payload
25 Kg


Cardboard divider designed to fit securely into the structures of our panel kits, allowing you to create shelves without weighing down your furniture. Made from high quality recycled cardboard, this element allows for multiple combinations.

The shelves of the interior dividers support up to 25 kg and can comfortably accommodate books and folders. Convenient interlocking accessories allow you to close the shelves with doors or turn your furniture into an elegant wine cellar.

Organize your space quickly and functionally by tailoring your furniture to the needs of your home or workspace.



Fold the cardboard along the cardboard guides and build your divider module.

Once assembled, the room divider can be easily slotted into the wooden structure.

The divider will remain locked inside the structure, creating an extremely solid piece of furniture.

Quality and attention to detail.

We use cardboard of the highest quality. We have developed a folding system that gives the structure great solidity. Each shelf is made of three layers of reinforced corrugated cardboard that can support a load of up to 25 kg - unbelievable!

Once the shelf is folded, the wave structure of the cardboard is completely hidden, providing a smooth, easy-to-dust surface.

PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use
PlayWood connectors examples of use


The cardboard divider is compatible with the entire PlayWood Organizer range and the PlayWood Rectangular Kits.

The cardboard divider uses as few connectors as possible to optimize internal space! Just use one T-connector instead of two 90° connectors or one cross-connector instead of three 90° connectors. This way your structure will be lighter and perfectly compatible with the cardboard dividers.

Thanks to the internal cardboard dividers, the structure of your furniture remains modular.

Each element can be recombined with others from the same line and expanded to create a larger, more capacious piece of furniture.

Have fun creating your own personalized setup, change it as your needs change, organize your space with maximum freedom.

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Each shelf can be customised by adding a door.

Customise your furniture by alternating doors and open spaces. Change the composition whenever you want.

We supply cross-shaped partitions that allow you to transform your furniture into an elegant wine cellar thanks to a cross-shaped element in reinforced cardboard with three waves.