Boards thickness: 19 mm
Materials: Blockboard fir 3 layers

About this design

Add a splash of green to your place with a rolling planter! Place it up in a corner or use it as a modern divider to decorate your space. FLORA is a practical and customizable planter, provided of wheels to make it easier to move. Unleash your creativity, combine different planters measures to create a healthy, relaxing area.

Made of birch multilayer and covered by a durable waterproof and stain-proof paint, to last over time.

How to make it

Usually produced in birch multilayer of 18 mm thickness. Also, It can be made of the material you prefer, such as MDF, Fir, OSB, etc.

If the panel isn't laminated it's always advisable to paint with a water-resistant paint and stains, to make it last over time.


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