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PLAY! The travelling exhibition which brings Science to schools

  • 31 August 2018
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PLAY! it is an exhibition of objects, games and small scientific experiments that aims to offer a playful and informal meeting with physics, often treated in an overly scholastic way.

The exhibition was born from an idea of the Communication Laboratory of Physical Sciences of the University of Trento, then revived to the public after a modernization phase by Level Up, an innovative start-up of didactic planning and scientific dissemination, sponsored by the University.

PLAY! it deals with the main sectors of physics across the board, showing objects, games from the past and new technologies. Proposing a journey in a fun and interactive way through phenomena and scientific experiments: sound objects are intertwined with experiments on time, magnetism joins the play of light and all this becomes a light and spontaneous pretext, but scientifically rigorous, to face and explore the scientific method.

Some exhibitions are the result of the project "Studenti in gioco" funded by the Fondazione Caritro which involved four different Institutes, by engaging the students in the conception and realization of exhibitions. PlayWood has been chosen as ideal tool to make the installation possible.

A modular exhibition, a path made up of 6 sectors each of which consists of numerous objects: with our connectors, structures easy to be assembled and disassembled have been designed to make transport operations simple and fast and allowing to set up different spaces inside the numerous Institutes involved. 
Hundreds of students had the possibility of benefiting from this initiative and get in touch even with the most creative and artisanal aspect as a completion of the project itself.

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