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THE DIY BECOMES PINK: Women Night Workshop at Bauhaus

  • 1 March 2019
  • Conference Event

In February, the Bauhaus chain held 3 evening workshops dedicated to an all-female audience to let them discover the DIY world.

The DIY PlayWood projects lead the scene with their simple and fun assembly system; they allow to create innovative and dynamic pieces of modular furniture!

All the Bauhaus stores in Hungary, also known as real Do-It-Yourself temples, on different dates, have opened their doors to an all-female audience: on February 8th a workshop was organized at the Dunakeszi shop; on February 15th at Maglód and on the 22nd it was the Szigetzentmiklós shop to host women, of all ages interested in the construction of modular and re-assemblable PlayWood furniture. 


These workshops have been greeted with great enthusiasm and participation by Bauhaus customers: over 30 women took part at each workshop; they engaged in the construction of about sixty PlayWood furniture and kits, thus having the opportunity to touch the simplicity of our angular-connectors-system which allows you to create unique and versatile design furniture, combining top quality materials without giving up on practicality, transport convenience and, above all, aesthetics and innovation.


The organizers of the event and the participants used the materials freely downloadable from our website for the creation of each project: tutorials, three-dimensional drawings and detailed instructions to assembly the PlayWood furniture in just few simple steps and to meet everyday needs.


3, 2, 1 Allen key and connectors at the ready: our Hungarian Makers are good to go and to assemble their projects!
In a few minutes the participants were able to realize: benches, hangers, furniture for home and garden, by simply assembling the panels available in the shop’s lane with the PlayWood connectors. Easy to use, without filth and within few time you can create a beautiful and functional project to decorate your home: this is the feedback of many of them.

Several were mothers who preferred an evening of bricolage to spend with their daughters: an unconventional choice, but that we at PlayWood fully share!


The workshops en rose, saw the participation of many women and girls: they all agree in stating that thanks to the new dynamic system offered by our connectors, they no longer have to worry about drills, nails and hammers and, why not, fresh manicure: this a proof of the fact that the DIY world (Do It Yourself) and the philosophy behind the DIY culture are perfectly compatible not only with everyday man, but also with everyday woman!
The participants were able to experience the simplicity of our kits: furniture that can be created without the use of tools, holes and dust and, above all, the realization of which requires a few simple steps and does not take ages to reach the goal!

Thanks to these Hungarian Makers, real do-it-yourself queens, the DIY culture promoted by PlayWood and our Community, today, confirms, once again, that DIY is for everyone, does not know any genre!