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Child bedroom: the best kids bedroom ideas for furnishing your child's room.

The first idea is the Playwood space-saving bedroom for child, a functional child bedroom. To keep little Lorenzo's room tidy, Marco and Florencia were looking for wooden furniture that suited their space and needs, but at the same time had a clean, minimalist look like the rest of the furniture. They were looking for kid beedroom ideas for a space-saving child bedroom set that would allow them to manage the available space intelligently. Initially they were thinking of Ikea children bedrooms, but they opted for a PlayWood child bedroom with a real Made in Italy wood children furniture. They were looking for a low piece of furniture because of Lorenzo's passion for climbing. It's good to know that he's going to be a sportsman, but for now it's best to practice at low heights!

Children grow up quickly and their needs change; Lorenzo will need new things to put in his room, so Marco and Florencia chose Adakto, a piece of furniture is easy to move and rethink in order to better manage space according to his new needs. Furnishing children rooms is never easy, but here you will find some great ideas.

Child bedroom: the best kids bedroom ideas for furnishing your child

Marco and Florencia's child bedroom solution:

Why did you need a space-saving child bedroom?

Lorenzo's room was always in a mess; we had to be careful not to step on his toys and books when we came in. I was looking for a quick and easy way to tidy up his room that would also allow Lorenzo, as he grew up, to learn to do it on his own. As a lively child, I knew he would climb into them, so I needed a low piece of furniture. At the same time, however, I was looking for something that could be moved easily: Lorenzo is growing up and will need new things and new spaces in his room, which will need to be rethought and rearranged often. In addition, we have just moved into our new house, so the room is still to be furnished; we needed something that would look good in the room and be made of wood like the floor.

We have seen a lot of different bedroom furniture, but of all the ideas on how to furnish a room, Playwood children bedroom furniture was the best. 

Did the space-saving children bedroom help you to organise it better?

Yes, we chose the Adakto modular furniture because it perfectly responded to our problem. The modular system allows me to quickly and easily place toys in and allows Lorenzo to take them out independently. In addition, I can take it apart and possibly move some of the furniture to another room.

We have now positioned it horizontally for the child's safety; when Lorenzo is a little older and there is no risk of him climbing on it, I would like to redesign it vertically so that it takes up less space in his room. This is what I needed for a space-saving child bedroom set, i.e. the possibility of rethinking the spaces according to the new needs that will arise. I am very pleased to be able to furnish Lorenzo's room with a natural wood product, I think this is really important for his growth.


What particularly struck you about the Adakto modular furniture?

In addition to the things mentioned above, I am struck by its minimalist and modern character; I really like the aesthetics of the modular system and it allows me to keep the room tidy very easily. It wasn't easy to find a piece of furniture that met my aesthetic and functional requirements and that was so important for Lorenzo's growth. The Adakto modular furniture really impressed me!

This is what I needed for a space-saving child bedroom set: the possibility of rethinking the spaces according to the new needs that will arise.

Marco and Florencia

What other rooms were you thinking of placing it in?

Apart from the child bedroom, I have a few ideas about how to place it. I would like to create the bundle that on the website is positioned vertically or place it horizontally in the entrance hall as a shoe rack because you can put your shoes in it and sit on it to put them on and take them off, I think it would be very convenient.

How are you getting on with this product?

The Adakto modular furniture unit is meeting all my needs, so I'm happy I bought it, it's what I was looking for in a space-saving room for my child. Lorenzo is really independent in picking up his toys, he seems to really like his new room!

Lorenzo is really independent in picking up his toys, he seems to really like his new room.

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A space-saving bedroom? Adakto modular system

Adakto is a functional piece of furniture that adapts to the space requirements and growth of the child. Adakto grows with your child and allows you to reorganise and rethink the room whenever the need arises. Children have a special relationship with the world around them, they learn and dialogue with it in a special way and it therefore plays a very important role in their growth. It is therefore important for Lorenzo to be able to interact autonomously with the space around him, especially in his bedroom where he will spend a good part of his time.

For this reason, the Adakto modular furniture is designed to reflect the principles of Montessori teaching, which focuses on the autonomy of the child who must learn to interact independently with the surrounding environment. Moreover, it is made of 100% natural birch wood and handcrafted without formaldehyde, with water-based varnishing avoiding the use of solvents, which is extremely important for Lorenzo's growth considering all the time he will spend in his room.


All that remains for us to do is to thank Marco and Florencia and wish them happy moments with Lorenzo in his new bedroom!