We change the way people buy, consume, keep and enjoy furniture.

Our Mission

We make furniture components and accessories for home and offices: eco-friendly, recyclable and coming from renewable sources. PlayWood was created to offer a more sustainable approach than disposable furniture and meet the need for flexibility in modern life. We design according to the principles of Ecodesign: we believe that furniture should be made to last, not to be thrown away. Every piece of furniture we make is modular, can be modified to achieve multiple configurations and be easily transported.

We want to offer high quality products made with passion and respect for tradition by expert craftsmen at an affordable price; this is possible thanks to the direct online sale to the final customer that avoids the overpricing of retailers. Craftsmanship know-how and innovation combine to be offered at a more competitive and transparent price.

Corporate Responsibility

In Europe, furniture waste has grown by 2.5 times the household's growth rate since 1960. Mass market furniture is not designed to be disassembled, transported and reused. In a hectic life that forces us to move and change our needs for work or study reasons, this translates into disposable consumption. It is our responsibility to innovate furniture in order to offer a product with a longer life cycle and minimal ecological impact: as a Company we are committed to creating a healthy and stimulating work environment in which people feel part of a change.

Our supply chain is short: a direct contact between producer and customer to reduce the commercial costs sales related.

Our Approach

Making sustainable furniture must mean making robust furniture that will last for decades. Making sustainable furniture means making furniture that will remain functional and timeless year after year without ending up in landfills, nature, or the oceans. The quality of our materials and the care we take in our designs ensure that our products are particularly durable. In addition to our commitment to making truly robust furniture, every PlayWood product goes through several meticulous stages of testing to ensure its longevity.

We believe in:

  • Innovation in the design and development of a direct-to-consumer online sales model
  • Direct contact between manufacturer and customer, which reduces the commercial costs associated with sales
  • Optimization of processes and reduction of waste typical of industrial mass production


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