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Creating your furniture,
it has never been that easy

Use PlayWood connectors to combine any panel, between 16-20 mm thickness.
The easiest way to create flatpack and modular furniture.

PlayWood Connectors

Like a LEGO you can combine connectors and boards to satisfy your needs: storage solutions, desks, tables, benches and many more.

90° connector to create square based structures.
105° and 150° connectors to create hexagonal structures.

You are the designer

You can download one of our designs: many of them are free of charge and contain all the detailed informations essential to create your furniture.

CAD and 3D files are open to give you the possibility to customize your project.
You can also design your own furniture, share with us the project and be selected among the projects avaible for the Community.

Assembly & Materials

Once all the pieces are cut, you can assemble the furniture.
The panels do not get damaged by the connectors, so you can reuse them for a later project.

PlayWood furniture can be realized with every common material, easy to find at a local supplier. We provide you the detailed instructions you need to choose the boards and cut them properly.

Join our Community

Have you finished to assemble your furniture?

Be part of our Community and sand your project to!
You can inspire the other members, share your design and have free access to the Community resources.

Share your creation on Instagram and use the hashtag #PLAYWOOD50, if your picture will be chosen as the best of the month, you can win a 50% discount on your next purchase.

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